Automotive Lighting With LEDs

Most stories you read tend to present lighting or the devices that are used to create lighting, especially in the automobile scene, as two technologies, that is incandescent and arc lights.This is because up until recently that pretty much covered the whole automobile lighting paradigm.We of course also have gas-filled and solid state lasers, or turning electricity into light, and of course light emitting diodes.Laser light technology is currently not considered a cost-effective solution in the automotive application. This of course is due to the humongous cost at this point in time.This brings us to light emitting diode, or more commonly LED, technology as an automotive lighting application. Which up until recently was also too expensive to consider as an automotive solution to lighting efficiency.The LED is of course one of the most efficient energy conversion methods to turn electricity into light. It is up there with the efficiency of low vapor lamps.They can operate directly off low voltage batteries without any for complex voltage regulators or converters. This is perfect for the automobile application.Also they have a very long life expectancy and due to their robust solid state manufacture quite indestructible.They are of course not without their challenges when used in the motor car for lighting.For the application in the automobile they need to be built-in clusters and also it is often necessary to design the fitting as a complete unit, rather than the traditional method of a bulb and reflector.The LED is a very directional light as opposed to your typical incandescent that casts a light in all directions and is focused, as required, using a lens.All of this of course adds to the cost of development and manufacture. Nevertheless due to the long-term benefits we are seeing the rapid invasion of LED lighting in the automotive sphere.Motor car manufacturers are embracing these in all their new automobile designs. Also we see aftermarket providers also offering them as a replacement for the incandescent bulb in existing motor cars. This does require, at times, small modifications to the existing circuit but is not beyond your local automotive repair or the home handy person.Again we have a plethora of information on the World Wide Web, feedback on blogs from purchasers telling you what works and what doesn’t. You need to read the good bad and the ugly to get the true picture. It is just a case of doing your research before you head off to your favorite online store and placing your order.

Should You Be Sourcing Your Automotive Hand Tools From China?

Naturally your company will want to be competitive in whatever part of the automotive industry you are involved with. This of course means cutting costs in as many ways as you can without cutting or reducing the quality of you products and services.The suppliers you choose to source your automotive products from can play an integral role in helping you improve your competitiveness if you choose wisely. The obvious answer to reducing your costs is to source your auto products from Asia and the first country that springs to mind is of course China. It is now well-known that China is Asia’s – and now the World’s – most impressive marketplace on the current global stage. Now it is your turn to help your business in the very competitive automotive industry benefit from this knowledge.China’s growing influence over world markets, especially since 2002, is well-known. The amount of products, machinery and materials flowing out of China is staggering. And yes, this includes automotive hand tools. The growth of the Chinese nation as a manufacturing powerhouse is undeniable.A Warning About Sourcing Hand Tools or Any Products in ChinaNow, back to your business and sourcing the automotive tools that will help you become more competitive. Before you rush out and place large orders with Chinese hand tools manufacturers, a word of caution. Chinese manufacturing is cheaper because of low labor costs but, and this is a big but, if quality is important then tread carefully. In the world of automotive tools you will know that precision is extremely important as is quality control. Let’s say you are an American company that supplies specialist hand tools to various other American companies interested in particular vehicles. You need to be sure that any products you supply are of a high standard and do their job at least as well as can be expected by professional mechanics. Now, what would happen if you received your latest shipment of 5,000 socket sets from China and started selling them to your own customers only to discover that the sockets failed before the torque strength they should? Not only will you have wasted a lot of money on useless products and shipping costs, you will also lose a lot of business from customers you worked hard to secure. The repercussions of that can easily destroy your reputation and entire business!Choosing a Company Who Can Supply High Quality Auto ToolsThe answer to the potential business destroying problem above can come from China’s tiny but high-end manufacturing neighbor – Taiwan! It wasn’t too long ago that Taiwan became a manufacturing powerhouse where costs were low like they are today in China. Nowadays, Taiwan is a world leader in the development and production of advanced technology products, particularly semi-conductors. Not so many people know that the entrepreneurial Taiwanese companies saw the potential for manufacturing China offered and decided to move their production to the main land. In fact, many of the most successful manufacturers in China are run or were set up by Taiwanese companies.So, because the Taiwanese have quickly evolved into manufacturers of extremely high quality products it makes perfect sense that a Taiwanese supplier of automotive tools, or indeed many other types of products, can be your best friend when sourcing products. You should get items that meet and go beyond your specifications for hand tools.

Training Options for Automotive Service Management Careers

Students who are looking to gain the accredited education and training needed to enter into a career in automotive service management can do so by enrolling in a vocational school or college. Accredited educational training programs are available to provide students with the quality training they need to enter into the successful career of their choice. Students can train for an accredited bachelor degree in the field of automotive service management. There is a variety of information students should know prior to enrolling in an educational program.1. Education
Training in this area of the field will allow students to gain an accredited bachelors degree. Training at this level can require students to complete four years of study through a vocational program. An associate level degree must be obtained prior to enrolling in a bachelor’s level degree program. Training will allow students to learn how to train, hire, and manage various employees within their workplace. Professionals in this field also train to keep records, create marketing plans, control costs, and carry out a number of tasks. Students who choose to enter into this exciting field can obtain the career they desire by completing an accredited educational training program.2. Careers
Students who gain an accredited bachelors degree in automotive service management can expect to enter into their desired career in the field. Training is available for those looking to become automotive service managers, business owners, Accredited Automotive Managers (AAM), and a variety of other professionals in this field. Career options can allow students to seek employment in dealerships, service departments, automotive shops, and many other related businesses. Accredited vocational training programs and schools can provide the education students need to pursue the career of their dreams.3. Coursework
Specific areas of study will vary by level of education and desired career. Students will have the chance to study a variety of topics related to careers in the automotive industry. Coursework may consist of studying subjects like brakes, management, suspension, electrical systems, ethics, business, transmissions, steering, accounting, customer relations, and much more. Studies will train students to order parts, prepare invoices, submit insurance claims, supervise employees, and much more. Accredited coursework can include subjects to teach students to work with a variety of professionals in the automotive industry.4. Continuing Education
Continuing education is available for those looking to enhance their skills in specific areas of the field. Training can provide students with additional skills and knowledge in certain areas like computers, electronics, auto body, mechanics, and many other subjects. Accredited continuing education courses can be entered in to by current professionals or students pursuing a degree.Accreditation is provided to quality schools and colleges by various agencies such as the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology ( ). Full accreditation is a programs proof that they can offer students the best education possible. By researching various programs and gaining more information students can choose the program that meets their individual goals. Start by looking into automotive service management programs today.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by