Automotive Cleaning Products – Hidden Dangers and Alternatives

I love cleaning my car on a weekend afternoon, inside and out. I get real sense of accomplishment when it glistens and shines. Stepping into the interior and having the fresh sent of clean. It’s like the car almost runs better after a good cleaning.But here’s a question, what is true clean?I propose the true clean and true automotive cleaning products are those that are effective in getting a cosmetic clean but also a clean that is safe for myself, my family, and the environment. True clean considers the hygiene of the users of such products.Many of the car cleaning products that you find in auto care shops is a mixture of toxic chemicals; bad for your health and just evil for the environment.This toxicity can enter your body through various means including breathing in the fumes (even though it may smell good) absorption through the skin and contaminated ground water wells from the runoff.Take into consideration the health of your small children that will put anything in there mouth and your pets that may just lap up these chemical puddles around your car.Sure we can wash off all the grime, dirt bugs off the body, pick up all the dust from the interior and give the dash a good shine but what is it doing to our bodies, our children and ultimately the earth.What can be done?There are alternatives now entering the market that are a perfect balance between automotive care, Bio Care, and Eco Care.Going green with alternative automotive cleaning products is just as easy as picking up brand X Car shampoo with cancer causing additives. All it takes is a sharpened eye, search online or ask your local car shop clerk if they carry any eco-friendly car cleaning products; They’ll be happy to point them out for you.Till next time.

Six Main Types of Automotive Primary Wires

Automotive primary lines are used in various applications like wiring a battery harness, general circuitry, and specialized electric connections. Different connections have varying demands, hence the need for a variety of automotive wires. Automotive leads are segregated according to the temperatures they can withstand. These wires are constructed using various materials to ensure compatibility across applications. 6 Main types of Automotive Primary WiresAutomotive primary wires are primarily divided in the following types:
GPT: These lines are manufactured to be compatible with SAE J-1128 specific circuitry.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 90 °C

TWP: These cords feature smaller diameters and are lighter than other wires. They can also be manufactured without any lead.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 90 °C

HDT: It stands for heavy duty thermoplastic. It consists of a protective layer that allows it to be used in harsh environments.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 105 °C

GXL: These cables are used in general circuitry and ground wiring of batteries. They are used in high temperature SAE J-1128 specific circuitry.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 155 °C

SXL: Like GXL wires, these wires are also used in general circuitry and ground wiring of batteries.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 155 °C

TXL: This is a low tension high temperature wire. It is light and features a small diameter.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 155 °C
Customization of WiresIf you are unable to find the right type of automotive primary wire for your application from the list mentioned above, you will benefit from customizing your wire. A manufacturer with customization capabilities will be able to understand your application requirements and design a product that meets those specific needs. Please remember that the cost for designing and manufacturing a custom product is higher than buying a product in stock. The reason for this lies in economies of scale. A product being manufactured in bulk will be priced lower compared to one manufactured in limited quantities. This is because the cost of the raw materials, employee, or consultant fees, designing, and other factors influencing the overall cost of a product will also be lower.Depending on your application, you can opt for standard or customized wires. Your manufacturer or supplier will be able to guide you regarding the same. You can also conduct tests with sample products to check the compatibility of the product and application. You can put the wires through various stress, temperature, and other relevant tests. These steps will allow you to check the performance of the product and choose one that is compatible with your application.

Get Your Automotive Insurance Online

Getting automotive insurance was a time-consuming and arduous task in the past. One usually had to either visit or telephone car insurance companies individually to get quotes. This took time and effort but there was no other way of doing it. Luckily the process is much quicker and easier these days as you can now get automotive insurance quotes online. Oh, and there’s a good chance that your phone bill will be lower because you won’t need to phone any companies to get quotes!But before you apply for any quotes online, you need to establish what your insurance needs are. There are many automotive insurance packages on the market nowadays in a variety of combinations. It is important that you know what you might find in these packages and whether they will suit your needs or not as it can be quite confusing to receive a bunch of insurance quotes all specifying different things. This is like comparing apples with pears and makes it difficult to choose the most suitable quote. So if you don’t know anything about automotive insurance, now is the time to do your research. Insurance companies often advertise on radio and television so you might already know the names of some of them. If you do not know the names of any insurance companies for whatever reason, you can always ask your friends and family if they can recommend any reputable companies or you can search for insurance companies on Google. You can find out about more about car insurance and what you might need in terms of auto insurance when you visit their websites.Once you have researched different kinds of car insurance packages and have established what your needs are, you can begin getting quotes. If you have been searching online you will most likely have noticed that you can apply for quotes individually from insurance companies via their websites or you can use an insurance company that will get you a number of quotes (sometimes as many as nine) from various companies in one go. The advantage of using online insurance companies that will provide you with a number of quotes at one time is that you only have to enter your details once, on a single website, and the various insurance companies will get back to you. Furthermore, it is often cheaper to use online insurance companies that offer you lots of quotes at once because they can get bulk rates on their quotes and will pass this saving on to you.The insurance companies will ask you a number of questions when they get back to you and this is when having made a list of your insurance needs will come in handy. For example, an insurance company may ask you whether you use your car for personal or business use. If you are someone who doesn’t drive a lot, you may want to tell them at this point and enquire if they have a pay as you drive package if this is what you want. You may also want to pay a higher excess in order to keep your monthly premium low or to insure your car at retail value so that it retains its value. You will need to tell the insurance representative these things while they are compiling your quote, so as to ensure that the resulting quote will be according to your needs.