Auto Sales 101 – Tailoring Your Sales Pitch to Adjusting Market Demands

It’s a different day in the age of a sales consultant. As of a few years ago, sales were brisk and the commissions were plentiful as consumers bought just about anything and everything. These days however, there are numerous negative market forces that have put the lid into open spending. Less real estate is being purchased, gas prices are through the roof, and with that upward swing in fuel costs, even everyday goods are more expensive. Take automotive sales for instance, what can the everyday sales consultant do to push the clever money making adjustments to cater to the increasingly profitable small car segment? I’ll go over in more detail what necessary adjustments have to be made to counter the negative effects gas prices have in this specific market. If there’s money to be lost in one area, there’s certain to be more to be made in other areas. One just has to explore a new niche and take quick advantage. A successful salesman can quickly adapt to the current market condition, adjust tactics, and reap the rewards. I’ll take the car sales model into consideration when I explore some important tips.It’s important to realize what’s going on in your current dealership setting. I’m used to working at a specific brand where trucks and suv’s are the financial backbone to that company. It’s so hard to sell a once sure thing these days, keep in mind, that fuel prices were straddling the $1.50/gallon pricepoint. It was a sign of the times, a small pinch and probably a foretelling of the immediate future. All I know is that times were changing, and it would be coming at an accelerated pace. Time to make amends to what once was, and quickly take action to change direction. This was the ultimate realization, and as most would guess, nobody every likes change. Consultants never want to exit their comfort zone until it’s too late. I guess the point I’m laboring to detail, is that one has to believe in their mind that he/she has to make adjustments. This is rule number one, and an important one at that.What has to be done is adjust, is to take some important information in. So okay, trucks and suv’s are a thing of the past, so what’s in? Do I have to leave my company for “greener pastures”? Or could I possibly ride it out where I’m at? These are important questions, however, the answers are even more vital. Everything is common sense at this point. Salesman A has been at this dealership for over five years, he/she can probably stay where they’re at, use their big book of business and do fine in the long run. At this point, the only adjustment they would have to make is tailor the customer’s wants and needs into a product that better suits their lifestyle and financial outlook. Focus on the economical autos, and more than likely take into account the nice selection of pre-owned cars. Used stuff is so much more profitable to the salesman than that new Aveo or Civic where profit is non-existent. Plus the ultimate power of a happy big book of business is a commanding plus for the seasoned veteran. Just how many of your previous customer’s are driving big trucks wanting out?Salesman B is on the fence about going to another dealer. Sure, not a bad idea, but also keep in mind that brand new cars have little or no profit in them. So how many of those seventy-five dollar minis would you have to sell to earn two grand a month? Oh yeah, it seems a lot tougher than it looks, and believe me, a car deal is no walk in the park for only that much money. Think about that one for a second. Regardless of any decision, there always a way to go and still make just as much as you did before the market turned sour. Like I said before, pre-owned cars are a gold mine right now. And take advantage of the customer’s dying need to get rid of that gas guzzler. Play into the customer’s psychology, that is still one of the sales consultants most powerful tools in their arsenal. And most of all, call to all previous buyers, they are the best source of repeat business today. Wouldn’t you think that buyer’s needs have changed with the economy’s change?So there you have it, am I asking anybody to leave and go work somewhere else? Not exactly, I’m only asking those to at least change your methods, utilize other tactics to reach the ultimate goal in financial freedom, it doesn’t matter where the venue. It could be very easy, with little effort as long as you can teach yourself to adapt. And this holds true in any sales situation. As long as you ask plenty of questions and take command of the conversation, you can never let the sales precess stop flowing. Nobody wants to buy a home, so okay, sell a rental agreement. This guy doesn’t want the Bose sound system because of price, that’s great, here’s a nice Sony 5 speaker surround for half the price. There is always some type of alternative to use so that you can make some of that good commission. Some of the wealthiest people, know the other avenues to the same destination. Can you find a new way?